Taylor Clark

Taylor Clark is a touring headliner and the new Talent Coordinator for the Seattle International Comedy Contest (S.I.C.C.) With a decade of New York comedy experience under his belt and a background in coaching gymnastics, Taylor’s approach to teaching comedy is both direct and nurturing. In New York, he not only performed regularly alongside many of today’s biggest comedy stars, he also booked and produced comedy shows throughout the city. This garnered him much wisdom in regards to working professionally with both comics, venues, and the public.

 In 2017, Taylor relocated to the Northwest, was a finalist in SICC, and immediately began working full time as a comic in the northwest. In 2019, he was accepted into the famous Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, and at the end of that year he recorded his debut album “Addictive Tickle”. Several clips from his album went viral on instagram and within weeks of it’s release Taylor was being interviewed by the biggest Skateboard Magazines on earth including Thrasher and Low Card magazine.

Taylor Clark

He was credited as being the first comic ever to have “Funny” jokes about being a skater. Social Media and marketing guru Gary Vaneychuck ‘s ONE37Pm platform interviewed Taylor about being able to find a niche and market himself effectively. Since then, Taylor has been headlining comedy clubs, indie venues and even skate-shops all over the country. He also opens for acts like Mark Normand, Joe List, Tammy Pescatelli and more.

With his unique career, and ability to use social media to build success, Taylor offers a truly unique and current perspective on pursuing stand up comedy in today’s evolved landscape. He has a wife, a son, a dog, and is living a nice domesticated life in Everett WA.

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