Stand-Up Comedy 201

Stand-Up Comedy 201 is an intensive four week course for any comic who wants to progress their stand-up. With a focus on comedic individuality every graduate will get a personalized course based on their own unique goals. 

Whether you just want to understand comedy a little better, find your original comedic voice, or scale your career to new heights, this class is for you. 

This class will help you further understand: 

  • How to tighten and polish material
  • How to write for yourself
  • How to open-mic productively
  • How to produce a good tape
  • How to submit for opportunities like festivals, club spots, etc.
  • How to build your online presence

To qualify for this class you need to have already taken a stand-up comedy class and/or have experience doing stand-up regularly. This class will not be teaching joke structure, stage etiquette, or the basics of writing stand-up comedy.

Each student is working on their tight 5-7 minute set and will perform it at the grad show on week 4. 

This is more like joining a comedy team than it is like taking a comedy class. Everyone works together and class feedback is heavily encouraged. Every class starts with Q & A and the first two classes everyone will perform material, break-it down, give feedback, and repeat. The third class is a dress rehearsal and the fourth class is the graduation show. 

Each comic will also get a 30 minute one-on-one meeting with the instructor before the graduation performance to use for whatever they want. Polishing jokes, career advice, preparing for the grad show,  it’s totally up top to the comic. 

Throughout the course there will also be culturally and comedically diverse guest comics in order to have expert voices outside of Taylor’s available for questions and feedback.

Students will also receive free tickets to multiple shows during the month of class, and are encouraged to participate in as many open mics as possible, as well as attend as many live shows as they can. 

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