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Seattle Writing Classes: Screenwriting 101 | Screenwriting 102
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Looking for fun, introductory screenwriting classes in Seattle where you can get lots of practice writing scenes and screenplays, learn about formatting, get your questions answered, and get feedback on your writing and suggestions for improving? Ours meet at Phinney Neighborhood Center in north Seattle. They’re non-credit courses for the general community, open to everyone. The focus is on having fun and learning, not on grades or tests. To see our current classes, scroll down.

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Screenwriting 101

Write and sell screenplays Screenwriting 101

In this Seattle screenwriting class, you’ll learn how screenplays are written, practice writing some short scenes and complete (short) scripts, and have a chance to workshop and get helpful feedback on your writings. Topics include: The steps most screenwriters go…

Screenwriting 102

Screenwriting 102

Please note: We have combined the Screenwriting 102 class with Screenwriting 101. This class is open to students who have taken Nils Osmar’s Screenwriting 101 class, or who have the instructor’s permission. In it, each student will be working to…