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Stand-Up Comedy 101

Stand-Up Comedy 101

Looking for a comedy class in Seattle? Our Stand-Up Comedy class is a great place to start. NOTE: This class meets in a venue where alcohol is sold, so enrollment is limited to students 21 and older. This fun intensive…

Stand-Up Comedy 201

Stand-Up Comedy 201

Stand-Up Comedy 201 is an intensive four week course for any comic who wants to progress their stand-up. With a focus on comedic individuality every graduate will get a personalized course based on their own unique goals.  Whether you just want…

Comedy Class Reviews

Get ready for a good time taking Comedy 101 with Taylor. His class was incredibly fun and interactive. Taylor is also hilarious, and your classmates will be, too. So get ready to laugh! As a bonus, I made friends with classmates and can’t wait to keep writing comedy and going to open mics. 

In each of the first three classes you are writing, workshopping jokes with classmates, learning from Taylor, and getting stage time to practice your sets. You also get feedback from Taylor and your classmates to help improve your set. Then the final class is your graduation show. It was such a neat experience seeing how everyone’s final set came together! 

For anyone taking this class, you should really commit to it. Consume as much comedy as you can throughout the month, exchange contact information with your classmates to stay in touch, take time every day to write, and most importantly – go to open mics! 

 – Madi Linkenmeyer

I had a wonderful experience with Taylor Clark and Comedy 101! It was a great intro into the world of joke-writing and delivery, open mics, industry norms, and other valuable wisdom. Taylor was warm, welcoming and informative, and helped all the students sharpen our material for the graduation show. Beyond even that… I truly feel like I shared an amazing 4-week experience with my classmates. Highly recommend. Come get hilarious! 

 – Adam Rio

I really enjoyed this class, and I have to thank Taylor for being my very first comedy mentor. This class really meant a lot to me! I wanted to be on the standup comedy stage for a while, just never had the guts to do it, but with this class, and way too much laughter every Tuesday, I got the confidence to keep going and am already starting to get booked on shows. Highly recommend this class

– Sawyer Song

“Stand up 101 is a great class for anyone who wants to learn comedy in a safe space and experience a community like no other.  Together with your classmates (who quickly become your friends and comedysupport system), you get to experience the absolute thrill of growing from nothing into a an act worthy of stage time at real comedy club in just a month. Taylor does a great job of making everyone feel at home, he helps you find your own brand of comedy, he is absolutely your #1 supporter, and his kindness and vulnerability sets the tone for the entire class to feel comfortable. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!”

– John Macdonald

Taylor is a master in comedy and shares his knowledge with empathic, warm, and kind generosity. His methodology is rooted in making it easy for everyone not to turn things overcomplicated. This is particularly welcome when creating authenticity and expressing our idiosyncrasy through jokes. He made a safe, comfortable, and friendly environment to express ourselves. The whole class committed to each others success in an inspiring and unique circle of supportiveness. The result was incredible. Our creativity has to thank Taylor for pulling us toward that fire pit and getting hot in a good way, without the expected scarcity in facing the fear of an audience and playing with our ridiculousness. Thank you, Taylor!

– Nando Rock

Are you a comedy nerd who’s always wanted to take the ‘stand-up’ leap? Look no further – Taylor Clark’s Comedy 101 course is your ticket. Instructor Taylor Clark is a PNW comedy gem. He has grinded in the PNW and NYC standup scene and is here to give back to the budding Seattle comedy community. You will learn the ins and outs of comedywriting, joke structure, and open mic etiquette all in the confines of the hottest Seattle comedy club – Club Comedy. You will come away from this course with a polished standup set, unlimited comedic resources, and the best comedy pals Seattle has to offer. Don’t wait, take the leap with Taylor Clark. 

 – Kaela Byrne

The instructor worked hard to make sure that every student had confidence and successful material to approach graduation show. He taught us how to perform jokes, addressed our anxiety, and asked us to trust the process. Everyone did terrific on stage and it was lots of fun doing the show with my fellow classmates.

– Wes Warren

For anyone who has ever wanted – or not wanted – to be on stage, Rekindle School’s class gives you confidence you never knew you had! Honestly I’m going to miss our weekly classes and will sign up for another class as soon as I can.

– Leah Warshawski

“It is quite a process to go from having a funny thought or idea and transforming it into comedy that can be done as standup. Through instruction and direct feedback, I was able to figure out how to get laughs from my funny thoughts or ideas.  I am not a professional comedian, but now at least I feel like one!”

– Kyle Riley

“I enrolled in this class because I have thoroughly enjoyed all the Rekindle School classes I have attended…. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to do Stand Up. It is such a great class!!” – George Schnibbe

“I cannot say enough great things about this class. I would 100% recommend this class to anyone who wants to try stand-up.” – Jenny G.

Taylor Clark, Instructor

Taylor Clark is a touring headliner and the new Talent Coordinator for the Seattle International Comedy Contest (S.I.C.C.) With a decade of New York comedy experience under his belt and a background in coaching gymnastics, Taylor’s approach to teaching comedy is both direct and nurturing. In New York, he not only performed regularly alongside many of today’s biggest comedy stars, he also booked and produced comedy shows throughout the city. This garnered him much wisdom in regards to working professionally with both comics, venues, and the public.

 In 2017, Taylor relocated to the Northwest, was a finalist in SICC, and immediately began working full time as a comic in the northwest. In 2019, he was accepted into the famous Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, and at the end of that year he recorded his debut album “Addictive Tickle”. Several clips from his album went viral on instagram and within weeks of it’s release Taylor was being interviewed by the biggest Skateboard Magazines on earth including Thrasher and Low Card magazine.

Taylor Clark

He was credited as being the first comic ever to have “Funny” jokes about being a skater. Social Media and marketing guru Gary Vaneychuck ‘s ONE37Pm platform interviewed Taylor about being able to find a niche and market himself effectively. Since then, Taylor has been headlining comedy clubs, indie venues and even skate-shops all over the country. He also opens for acts like Mark Normand, Joe List, Tammy Pescatelli and more.

With his unique career, and ability to use social media to build success, Taylor offers a truly unique and current perspective on pursuing stand up comedy in today’s evolved landscape. He has a wife, a son, a dog, and is living a nice domesticated life in Everett WA.