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Write and sell screenplays Screenwriting 101

In this Seattle screenwriting class, you’ll learn how screenplays are written, practice writing some short scenes and complete (short) scripts, and have a chance to workshop and get helpful feedback on your writings.

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Topics include:

  • The steps most screenwriters go through when writing a screenplay (what most screenwriters do, in what order)
  • How to format your screenplay (including indentation, font size and capitalization) (and common mistakes to avoid)
  • How to write in the lean, focused style most screenwriters use, and break writing habits that don’t work.
  • Form and structure: We’ll talk about about some common story structures, and how using them may bring your story into clearer focus
  • Target audience: How to identify the target audience for the movie you’re writing, and why it matters
  • Treatments: What they are and how to use them in the screenwriting process
  • Writing log lines and tag lines (very short descriptions or blurbs for your screenplay) You’ll get some practice writing both.
  • Writing scenes: We’ll look at what makes a scene, and get some practice in writing some complete short scenes.
  • Writing short scripts – we’ll talk about the elements of scriptwriting in detail, and will write at least two complete short scripts over the next five weeks.
  • Plus, we’ll talk about scene length, getting an agent, pitching and selling your screenplays, and more.   
  • By the end of the class, you should have a good working knowledge of how to write a  screenplay, how to approach marketing it, and have some solid writing experience under your belt.

The instructor, an independent Seattle filmmaker, has written over 30 screenplays. His films have played at major international festivals.  He has taught screenwriting classes in Seattle since 2005. Instructor: Nils Osmar

Student Reviews

I’d recommend it to everyone.

Hi Nils, your screenplay writing class is great, I would recommend it to everyone. You explain things in a way that is simple but extremely helpful. I loved the writing exercises and lectures.

Hal C. (Seattle)

Life changing classes.

I took the acting class, let’s make a movie, and the screenwriting class from Nils Osmar. They were all excellent in a life changing way.

T. R. (Bellevue)

Totally happy!

It was a great (class) for me and I’m totally happy with it.

Kris T. (Kent)

Excited to get back to my screenplay.

I took a class from (another instructor/school) last year and felt kind of discouraged afterwards; I think he was a discouraged screenwriter and passed that along! I feel encouraged since your class, and am excited to get back to my screenplay.

Jan L. (Seattle)

No longer stuck!

I’m happy with the result of class… I feel liberated instead of stuck. I’ve been writing again and am very pleased.

Mike K. (Seattle)


The advice about editing and rewriting was perfect for what I needed.”

Scott W. (Bellevue)

Thanks for the encouragement.

Wow, what can I say Nils, it was really good, thanks for the encouragement and information

Beth G. (Kirkland)

Pitching and finding an agent…

Thank you for your explanation of how the pitching process works, and how to find an agent

M.L. (Bellevue)

Writing is easy now!

I turned some kind of a corner and writing has been easy since the class. Thank you!

Nathan I. (Bellevue)

I can’t believe what I came up with!

The class was really helpful, especially the exercises in writing scenes and writing a complete (very short!) screenplay. I can’t believe what I came up with and what other people in the class came up with for that exercise. It was a real window into the amazing creativity we all have inside of us.

Jan H. (Seattle)

I’m having more fun writing!

Thanks for the energy you put into the (screenplay class)… I feel looser and happier and am having more fun writing.

L.D. (Seattle)

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