Professional Actor Headshots

Having a professional actor headshot is a prerequisite for successful auditioning.

Your headshot is your calling card. Casting directors use headshots as a way of keeping track of who has auditioned, and to help them decide whether an actor has the right look for a given role. (Continued below) All photos © Mike Nakamura 2023

How it works

You sign up and prepay using the “sign me up” button.

We process your order and put you in touch with the photographer, who arranges a time and place to meet you. Mike’s studio is in Bellevue.

Note: To keep the headshots affordable, this is a “no frills” service.  You are responsible for your own hair and makeup. It’s fine to bring someone to help do your makeup if you like.

Many actor headshots need a minor retouch (removing stray hairs, lightening or removing temporary features such as pimples, etc.) A (simple) basic retouch in Photoshop is included. If you want more comprehensive retouch, it is available for an additional fee.

The photographer will take multiple shots. You will have an opportunity to view the photos on-screen after they have been taken, and choose five of them.

High resolution digital files of the five you choose will be sent to you by email. The price includes full rights to use the photos taken as actor headshots without paying an additional fee. 

As with all headshots, the photographer’s fee does not include printing, which can be done at any good copy or print shop.


What if I pay, but then am not able to schedule a time that works mutually for myself and the photographer? 

There’s usually no problem in scheduling, but if that happens, just let us know and we will issue a full refund.

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