Drawing for Absolute Beginners

Anyone can draw… this means you! In this fun, affordable Seattle drawing class, aimed at total beginners, you’ll learn all of the basics using an easy step-by-step method. We’ll work our way through a number of exercises designed to train your eye, hand and imagination to work together as a unit, or a team.

You’ll learn to how to draw objects based on simple shapes and how to add shading and textures to make your drawings look real and three-dimensional. Most students notice improvement in their artwork by the second class meeting. North Seattle – Phinney neighborhood.

Most students in this class are adults, but it is open to anyone 12 and older (or by permission of instructor). Instructor: Nils Osmar | See more Seattle Art Classes

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Student Reviews

Exactly what I was looking for

I was looking for Seattle figure drawing classes that did more than just set up a model and tell people to start drawing… this class looked good so I took a chance and signed up. I’m glad I did because it was exactly what I was looking for.

Robin T. (Seattle)

A total difference in my artwork

I took your figure drawing class five years ago. It made a total difference in my artwork. Thanks for offering it.

Randy Palmer

Noticeable improvement

This was a great class for me. It went at an easy pace, but covered more than most figure drawing classes cover in a year. My wife mentioned the improvement in my drawings.

Will Travis

Big improvement and better understanding

It was great, exactly what I was hoping for. I improved a lot and I understand the figure better now.

Mary Lewis (Seattle)

Not so daunting anymore

I liked learning techniques. Nils simplified the process so that drawing the figure is not so daunting to me anymore. Great class!

Former Student Online Review


Thanks for the extra help with hands and feet. The class was excellent and I’ll be back for some more in the future.

Sarah F. (Seattle)

Positive and affirming

Instructors attitude toward students, their objectives and their output was positive and affirming….encouraging and accepting

Alan D. (Bellevue)

Simplify important concepts

I liked the instructor’s ability to simplify the important concepts necessary to draw the human figure including foreshortening.

Judy M.

Really fun

I loved it, it was really fun.

Kathryn L., Seattle

I would for sure recommend it to a friend!

This was my first figure drawing class, I had no idea what to expect when I walked in the door. I felt comfortable at all times and I enjoyed the different skill levels in the class. I loved the teacher and overall I learned a great deal and had fun in the class. I would for sure recommend it to a friend!

Karen Bailey, Seattle

I had never drawn people before.

I took Drawing Faces and Portraits two weeks ago. I was honestly amazed. I had never drawn people before. I’ll be back for more classes in the future.

Theresa C.

Something clicked

The beginning drawing class was great. Something clicked about halfway through the course. I feel like I really understand it now.

Dave A.

A pleasure

Your teaching style was a pleasure to learn by and I enjoyed your class very much.

Ruth B. (Seattle)

Loved it

I loved the drawing class. You gave us room to experiment but also gave us lots of helpful information.

Gordon G.

Helped polish my skills and boost my confidence

Nils, Just wanted to let you know that I completed my application to the Game Animation Certificate program, and as of a week ago received notice of my acceptance. One of my portfolio pieces was a charcoal figure based upon one of the exercises from class – and of course, I’d never touched charcoal before meeting you. Thanks again for all the tips and encouragement! Your classes really helped polish my skills and boost my confidence a great deal.


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