Acting 101 class – March 2024

Hi everyone! The March class is full. For those already signed up, here’s a reminder of the course dates and times:

Acting 104 – Assignment 1.0: More Nursery Rhymes

This exercise is similar to one that we sometimes do in some other classes, but the focus is on emotion, and there’s a wider selection of rhymes to choose from. Choose any two of the rhymes below and memorize them. Practice saying them “informationally” first, as if you’re telling what happened, then practice saying them…

Cartooning class – assignment 2: More faces and figures

From class 2: Here’s the face with tight curly hair: … and one with long dark hair with highlights… Below: pencil sketch showing realistic face proportions… and woman’s face with hair back in a bun… Below: a two oval figure in action… one oval is the head, the other is the body… … and a…

Acting 106 – Assignment

This week’s assignment is to read through the monologues below and practice both of them. Find the voice for each of the characters, then practice saying the lines as the character would. Then choose one of them to memorize so that you can perform it in class.

Acting 103 assignment – memorize a monologue

This week’s assignment is to read through the monologues below and practice both of them. Find the voice for each of the characters, then practice saying the lines as the character would. Then choose one of them to memorize so that you can perform it in class.

Drawing 101 Assignment 1

Hi everyone! For this week’s assignment, try drawing the hand below, starting with a grid then drawing the “negative spaces” (the shapes around the hand) in each box. This makes it easier to get the overall shape, after which you can add the details. If you have a printer, you can just print it out…

Cartooning class – assignment 1: Faces

About the materials: In response to the questions in class about materials – most people draw cartoons in pencil then finish them in ink. Most brushes and brush pens will work fine. If you’re running low on pens or paper and want to try some new ones, you might try these: Part 2: “Where can…

Assignment 3 – Acting 105: Developing a Monologue

Your assignment for this week is to find, memorize and practice a (1-2 minutes long). A monologue is a “speech” delivered by a single character, usually as a part of a larger work, often a theater play or a film. The most effective monologues are the ones in which a character is talking to other character(s) in…

Assignment Three – Acting 102: Watch Some Short Video Clips

Then read this script – – and ask yourself what each character wants, and how he’s trying to get it. Again, it may not be obvious at first. You do not have to memorize it. Then watch the scene below In the scene below (from the TV series The Walking Dead), a character named Maggie…

Acting 105 Assignments

Assignment 2: Acting 105: Make some coffee – and – memorize a short scene

PART 1 The first part of this exercise involves drinking some coffee.  If you’re not a coffee drinker, just use a different beverage, such as tea or a smoothie. But it should be something you need to prepare. Start by picking up a cup, which you’ll be filling with coffee or a smoothie or some…

Assignment 3 – Acting 101: Nursery Rhyme exercise

Choose any one of these three: Mary had a little lamb. Its fleece was white as snow.Everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.It followed her to school one day, which was against the rule.It made the children laugh and play to see the lamb at school. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.Humpty Dumpty…


Questions to consider Download script: Password is REKINDLE

Acting 104 – All about crying

Part 1: Reviewing memories Take out something you can write with or write on (a pen and paper or electronic device), and jot down your answers some questions. Set aside at least an hour for the exercise: Part 2 – Watch a video After doing the above exercise, watch the video below, and, if you…

48 Hour Horror Movie class

Welcome to class! Here’s a handout:

Acting 101 meets in Phinney Neighborhood Center Room 31

Hi everyone!  About the building Where to park What to bring (to the first meeting): What to wear: See you in class! – Nils


Assignment 3 – Screenwriting 101


Screenwriting assignments


Acting Intensive 101

Learn to act on stage, or on camera! Beginners welcome!

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Assignment: Drawing class – after week 2

Hi everyone, For this week’s assignment, try drawing the pictures below. The first one shows a rough preliminary sketch (which I would draw first, very lightly), followed by the finished sketch with shading. The second one is already shaded. After drawing them, try setting up some objects on a desk of tabletop, shining a light…

Drawing Class Materials

These are the materials we recommend for our basic drawing classes (Drawing for Absolute Beginners; Drawing Faces; and Figure Drawing): Note: The links above are Amazon affiliate links. The school will receive a small payment, at no additional cost to you, if you use them when buying materials. It’s also fine to bring oruse any…

Drawing Class Assignments

Assignment 1: Drawing for Absolute Beginners

PRACTICE ASSIGNMENTS: Want to keep practicing during the week? Try these exercises: PENCIL PRACTICE EXERCISE First try some shading with the TIP of your pencil (grind it down to a flat edge first, the “sweet spot” like I demonstrated in class). Practice blending smoothly from light to dark or dark to light, using both the…

Assignment 04: Acting 104: Choosing a Short Monologue

Your assignment for the FOURTH CLASS is to choose a short monologue (1-3 minutes long). (I’m sending this a week early for those who. want more time to think about finding and. choosing a monologue) Be sure to time your monologue when practicing it, including any stage actions, so that you’ll have a general idea…

Assignment 3 – Acting 102 – Scene from “Family”

Hi everyone,


We offer certificates of completion in several topics, including:

Assignment 3: Acting 104 class: Short Scene

This week’s assignment is to memorize this very short scene and practice it in the ways described in the PDF.