Hi everyone! Here’s a script to memorize for next week’s class. I’d suggest memorizing both roles in this one. It’s always fine to bring printed versions of scripts to class with you, but aim to be able to perform it without looking at the printed script.

Assignment 3 – Screenwriting 101



This assignment has four parts; the script writing assignment is toward the bottom of the page. Part One: Write a Short Screenplay Part Two: Listening to a Movie 1. Turn on your TV set and start “watching” a movie, but with the picture off.   Or just turn your back so you can’t see the image…

Screenwriting assignments

Assignment 1: Screenwriting 1

Hi everyone, it was good meeting all of you in the first class. There are three parts to this week’s assignment: Part 1: Watch TV with Sound Off A challenge for many writers is to train ourselves to think in terms of images and actions rather than dialogue when visualizing stories. For this assignment, watch a…

Acting Intensive 101

Learn to act on stage, or on camera! Beginners welcome!

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Assignment 2 – Acting 103

Hi everyone! We’ll be doing improv and cold reads this coming week, so there’s nothing to memorize. Instead, I’ll be asking you to read the short script below and think about the characters in it, and to watch and think about some short films. PART 1: Part 2: In this excerpt from OrphanBlack, we see…

Assignment – Acting 103 – 01: The Robbery

Your assignment is to memorize any ONE of the characters in this short scene. (The scene is actually made up of four short monologues). The password is REKINDLE in all caps. Also – for anyone who may not have watched this video, I’m sharing it again: Before memorizing this week’s scene, I would recommend watching…

Assignment: Drawing class – after week 2

Hello! First, here’s the video from last week: For this week’s assignment, try drawing the pictures below. The first one shows a rough preliminary sketch (which I would draw first, very lightly), followed by the finished sketch with shading. The second one is already shaded. After drawing them, try setting up some objects on a…

Drawing Class Materials

These are the materials we recommend for our basic drawing classes (Drawing for Absolute Beginners; Drawing Faces; and Figure Drawing): Note: The links above are Amazon affiliate links. The school will receive a small payment, at no additional cost to you, if you use them when buying materials. It’s also fine to bring oruse any…

Drawing Class Assignments

Assignment 1: Drawing for Absolute Beginners

PRACTICE ASSIGNMENTS: Want to keep practicing during the week? Try these exercises: PENCIL PRACTICE EXERCISE First try some shading with the TIP of your pencil (grind it down to a flat edge first, the “sweet spot” like I demonstrated in class). Practice blending smoothly from light to dark or dark to light, using both the…

Assignment 3 – Acting 102 – Scene from “Family”

Hi everyone,


We offer certificates of completion in several topics, including:

Assignment 3: Acting 102: Scene Study and script analysis

This week’s assignment has three parts. There’s nothing to memorize this time, but a script excerpt and a short script to read over and think about, and another short video to watch. Part 1: Read this short script excerpt The notes at the beginning may say to memorize one character; you actually do not have…

Assignment 3: Acting 104 class: Short Scene – and – Exploring Crying

Hi everyone, the exercise for this week has two parts. PART 1 First – memorize this very short scene and practice it in the ways described above it. PART TWO – Reviewing memories related to crying Take out something you can write with or write on (a pen and paper or electronic device), and jot…

Assignments – Acting 104

Assignment 2 – Acting 104 class – The Walk

Hi everyone,

Assignment 2.0 – Acting 102 class

Part 1: A short video to watch Watch this short video in which acting instructor Benson Simmonds talks about objective. Scene to memorize

Assignments – Acting 102

Acting 103 – Assignments

Assignment: Acting 103 – Lesson 3

Practice performing the lines as they might be said by: Tips for Memorization 1. Break the script down into chunks. Learn this part first: JAMIEGood morning. BLAIRGood morning. JAMIEHow do you feel? BLAIRGreat. JAMIEI’m sure. THEN MEMORIZE THIS PART: BLAIRWhat do you want for breakfast? JAMIEWhatever. BLAIRI’ll fix you some scrambled eggs. JAMIEFine. Practice BOTH…

Assignment 1: Acting 101: Memorize a Short Scene

This week’s video Before memorizing this week’s scene, watch the short video below. It shows how an experienced actor can use this method to learn a long portion of a script very quickly. This week’s script excerpt: Breaking the script down Here’s one way it might be broken down into parts. The idea is that…

Class Plan – Acting 103

CLASS PLAN March 2023 class: Script: “Jamey and Blair” – Read with characters:   HOW TO DO IMPROV: So a few reminders about how to do improv: basics: CHARACTER TYPES – responding to line: He kept screwing up. I mean, he’d call up a client –– try to sell ’em something –– then he’d start yelling…

Nils Osmar – Class Plans and notes

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