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Acting 103 – Assignment 1 – A Lotta Weed

For this week’s assignment, memorize either or both characters in this scene. The password is REKINDLE. You can choose one character to memorize, but if you’d like a challenge, try memorizing both.

Acting 102 – Assignment 1 – “I Like Your Hair”

Hi everyone! The assignment for this week is to memorize the short script below. I recommend using the “one letter-one word” method of memorizing in which you write down the first letter of each word of dialogue, then “read the words from the letters” to create an audio-visual association. After you’ve memorized and practiced it,…

Welcome to Comedy 101!

Hey there comics,  (That’s right, you are all comics already. Get used to it!) Welcome to comedy 101! PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE EMAIL (Majorly mandatory stuff) FIRSTLY Onto the good stuff…  ______________________________ 1) PLEASE be on time. The doors open right at six and we jump straight into class every week.  If you show up…

Acting 102 Assignment – “Ali and Shay”

Acting 103 – Assignment 2 – Several Exercises

Your assignment for this week has several parts. Be sure to scroll down so that you see them all. Part 1: Three versions of a monologue Part 2: Watch someone The first part is to watch someone for a short time, without them realizing you’re doing so. The person you’re watching might be a friend,…

48 Hour Horror Movie class

Welcome to class! Here’s a handout:

Acting 101 – When and Where, and What to Bring

Hi everyone! Some reminders: Want to help out? Where to park What to bring to the first meeting What to wear See you in class! – Nils Osmar, instructor

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Assignment 2 – Acting 102 – Scene from “Family”

Hi everyone, For some tips on memorizing this one: Listen to this short audio file: Part 2: Watch the video below. It’s a good description from a stage director’s perspective of how to use the concepts of objective; obstacle; and motivation to find the emotional core of a scene. Part 3: Watch the scene below…


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Assignment 1: Acting 101: Memorize a Short Scene

Hi everyone! It was good meeting all of you in the first class meeting. Here’s this week’s script. If you’re asked for a password to view it, type in REKINDLE (in all caps): Tips for memorization Then add in action After memorizing – practice How to break the script down Here’s one way it might…

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