Cartooning class – assignment 1: Faces

About the materials:

In response to the questions in class about materials – most people draw cartoons in pencil then finish them in ink. Most brushes and brush pens will work fine. If you’re running low on pens or paper and want to try some new ones, you might try these:

  1. Need some brush pens? This is a good set…. lots of tip sizes… very affordable. Click here to view. (Or just pick up any similar brush pens at an art supply store)
  2. This is a high quality, affordable Bristol board, used by many cartoonists: Click here to view. (Look for plate finish or smooth finish for the best results)
  3. Any HB drawing pencil will work fine.

Part 2: “Where can we see your art?”

A student emailed asking where they could see more examples of my artwork. I’ve been drawing cartoons and comics and also more realistic illustrations for a few decades. 🙂 This page has several samples:

Faces to practice drawing:

This week’s assignment is to try drawing some more (and more expressive) cartoon faces, based on the drawings below. Feel free to change them into your own characters by changing the eyes, noses, mouths, head shapes, and adding ears, hair, hats, glasses, jewelry.

The ones on this page, which I projected in class, are from a wonderful old book from the early 1960s called the “Famous Cartoonists Correspondence Course”:

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