Assignment Three – Acting 102: Watch Some Short Video Clips

  • Hi everyone! In Acting 102, we’ve been talking about “objective” – i.e., making a choice about what your character wants in a scene.
  • Part of your assignment for this week is to watch this short video, which may help clarify the concept.

Then read this script –

and ask yourself what each character wants, and how he’s trying to get it. Again, it may not be obvious at first. You do not have to memorize it.

Then watch the scene below

In the scene below (from the TV series The Walking Dead), a character named Maggie goes into the jail cell of a character named Negan.

  • The backstory is that Negan murdered her husband and several other characters Maggie cared deeply about.
  • Maggie’s plan (objective) is to kill him.
  • Her motivation is her anger over the murders.
  • Negan’s objective (what he wants from Maggie) is somewhat hidden at first, and may not become clear until halfway through the scene.
  • In both cases, you’ll notice that the character’s objective is driving the scene from the actor’s point of view. Each is focused totally into their objective from the moment the scene begins.

…. and this scene from Miller’s Crossing. Ask yourself what each character wants in the scene, and why they want it (their motivation), and how they’re trying to achieve what they want, and what obstacle they’re facing.

… and this scene, asking the same questions. What does Kim want? In other scenes in the movie, Julia Roberts’ character was trying to break up Kim and her fiancée – but what does she want in this scene?

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