Assignment – Acting 103 – 01: The Robbery

Your assignment is to memorize any ONE of the characters in this short scene. (The scene is actually made up of four short monologues). The password is REKINDLE in all caps.

Also – for anyone who may not have watched this video, I’m sharing it again:

Before memorizing this week’s scene, I would recommend watching the short video below, to review the “one letter, one word”method.. It shows how an experienced actor can use this method to learn a long portion of a script very quickly.

  1. Read the script (or script excerpt) silently, then read it aloud. Read it aloud at least twice to get a feeling for what it’s about.
  2. Then break it down into smaller parts. (Each part should only be a few lines long.)
  3. Then choose a section to memorize. Read the section aloud (again) a couple of times, then write down the first letter of every word (using punctuation).
  4. For example, the dialogue “My cat ate the canary!” would be M c a t c !
  5. Take a moment to make sure the letters are accurate, then say the words (in that section) again, looking at the letters as you do so. Use the letters to remind you of the words.
  6. Then say them without looking.
  7. Repeat as needed.
  8. Practice each part till you’ve learned it, then add the next section.
  9. After learning the words, repeat them over and over until you have them down. Remember that it’s fine to “cheat” and look at the letters; that’s what they’re there for.
  10. After you’ve learned them, try saying them with different voices and emotions. The voices and emotions don’t have to be “right”. (For example, you might say the words angrily; lovingly; sympathetically; disdainfully.) This will keep you from getting locked in to saying them only one way.
  11. Remember to add in physical actions that you can do while practicing the words. Any actions will work. For example, you might wash the dishes, fold laundry, or do something random like stacking and unstacking chairs. If we don’t do this part, the words will tend to evaporate when you get up to perform them.
  12. After doing the above, practice the words at least once a day. If you find yourself forgetting them, go back to step 1.
  13. Running lines with a friend can also help lock them in. Ask a friend or classmate to read your cues, and to let you know when the words are wrong. Or you could try recording the lines and playing back the recording, pausing it before your lines.

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