Assignment 3: Acting 102: Scene Study and script analysis

This week’s assignment has three parts.

There’s nothing to memorize this time, but a script excerpt and a short script to read over and think about, and another short video to watch.

Part 1: Read this short script excerpt

The notes at the beginning may say to memorize one character; you actually do not have to memorize either part. But do read it over, doing your best to answer the questions. Some are spelled out in the notes before the start of the script; the others may take some digging:

  • Who are the characters? What’s their connection with each other? (How do they know each other?)
  • What’s their backstory?
  • What’s Harper’s overarching objective (goal) in this scene? i.e., what does Harper want or need from Kelly, and why? What’s the obstacle to his or her achieving it?
  • What’s Kelly’s objective? What’s the obstacle to Kelly achieving his or her goal?
  • The script starts out with Kelly in Harper’s house watching a movie. Why do you think Kelly’s there? Why did he or she come over?
  • Also ask yourself what the characters are like as people? i.e., what clues are there as to their personalities and ways of looking at the world?

Part 2: Read the short script below. This one’s a full script, not a scene from one.

  • The password is REKINDLE in all caps.
  • As you’re reading it, ask yourself – who are the women in the story? What’s their relationship?
  • What does the younger woman (Cassie) want (i.e., what’s her objective)? What the obstacle in the way of Cassie getting what she wants?
  • What’s the older woman (Addie’s) objective? What’s the obstacle being faced by Addie? (Your answers may change by the end of the script.)
  • What’s the characters’ relationship like at the beginning of the film? How does it change by the end?
  • The implied backstory is that Addie called Cassie to meet her for lunch. Why do you think Cassie called her? Why did Cassie come?
  • What choices did the actors make related to their characters’ objectives?
  • After reading the script and thinking about these questions, watch the video at the bottom of this page.
  • The password to view the script is REKINDLE (in all caps)


In this scene from a popular TV series, a character named Maggie goes down into the jail cell of a character named Negan.

  • The backstory is that Negan murdered Maggie’s husband and several other characters Maggie cared deeply about.
  • Maggie’s plan (objective) is to kill him, in order to avenge her husband’s murder.
  • Her motivation is her outrage and sense of justice.
  • Her strategy is simple – she plans to beat him to death.
  • The obstacle to her achieving her objective becomes apparent as the scene moves forward.

Negan’s objective (what he wants from Maggie) is somewhat hidden at first, and may not become clear until halfway through the scene. As you’re watching, see if you can determine what he wants from Maggie, and how it relates to what he’s telling her and the way he’s saying it.

In both cases, you’ll notice that the character’s objective is driving the scene from the actor’s point of view. Each is focused totally into their objective from the moment the scene begins.

P.S. This is from an episode that originally aired several years ago. So hopefully everyone who watches the who has already seen it. If you’re a fan of the series and haven’t reached this episode yet, feel free to skip this one, I don’t want to spoil it for you 🙂

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