Acting 101 – When and Where, and What to Bring

Hi everyone! Some reminders:

  • Acting 101 starts on Tuesday July 30
  • Dates: July 30-August 20
  • Times: 6 pm-8 pm (Some meetings may last till 8:15 p.m)
  • Location: Phinney Neighborhood Center (lower building).
  • Address: 6615 Dayton Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98103, room 31 (on the third floor)
  • This location has free parking.
  • The room doors will open at about 20 minutes before class. I recommend coming early to find the building.

Help wanted 🙂

  • If would be helpful if a couple of students can come over a little early to help set up chairs.

Where to park

  • Phinney Center has a large parking lot with dozens of spaces. Parking is free.
  • There is usually lots of room in the lot, but once in a blue moon it may be full due to a major event. If this happens, there’s always lots of street parking nearby.
  • I’d recommend parking in front of the lower building, then enter through the main door or use the wheelchair ramp, and take the stairs or elevator to the third floor.
  • The building is wheelchair accessible.

What to bring to the first meeting

  1. A container of water (to stay hydrated). (We’ll also use it in one of the exercises)
  2. Something to write with (a pen and notepad would be perfect)

What to wear

  • It’s fine to wear anything comfortable that you can move in easily in case we do some physical exercises. (Not too loose, not too tight)
  • Pants are usually better than dresses or skirts, for acting classes.

See you in class! – Nils Osmar, instructor

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