Assignment 2: Acting 101

  • This week’s assignment is to memorize one or both of the roles in the script.
  • The script is password protected. You’ll have gotten the password in an email.
  • Be sure to read the script, the story notes, and the prop and costume notes.

Story notes:

  • Last week’s script was deliberately vague – we didn’t know who the characters were or their relationship. In this one, their relationship is more clearly established:
  • HE and SHE are married. They were married two years ago.
  • HE has been spending a lot of time at work lately, working overtime most days.
  • He’ll be leaving for work in a few minutes.
  • JACK is a friend of hers from a place where she used to work. She and Jack briefly dated at one point. Jack is now a casual friend of theirs, but mostly her friend, not his.
  • The characters are designated “HE and SHE” but the gender of the characters isn’t important. They could be a straight or gay couple. What’s important is their relationship.

Props and costumes:

  • WOMEN: Bring a comb or hairbrush and a jacket.
  • MEN: Wear a T-shirt or ordinary shirt. Bring a coat or jacket you can pull on over it.

Memorization tip:

  • This one is a little longer than the script we memorized last week.
  • The same method (“one letter-one word”) should work to memorize it.
  • At one point in the script, SHE says, “I had trout. Rice with steamed vegetables. A little broccoli and some cauliflower. He had the seafood surprise, with a little brown rice on the side.” People sometimes have trouble memorizing this line. One thing that can help if you’re struggling with this line is actually picturing the plate in your mind.

Have fun memorizing it – see you in class.