Assignment 2 – for Acting 101

  • This week’s assignment is to memorize one or both of the roles in the short scene below. The password to view it is REKINDLE in all caps.
  • To find the script and the cheat sheet, scroll down.

Backstory – things to know:

  • HE and SHE are married.
  • HE has been spending a lot of time at work lately, working overtime most days.
  • JACK is an old friend of hers. She and Jack briefly dated at one point. Jack is now a casual friend of theirs, but he’s still mostly her friend, not his.
  • The characters are designated “HE and SHE” but the gender of the characters isn’t important.

Props and costumes – what to bring:

  • SHE: Comb or brush, jacket.
  • HE: Shirt, T-shirt, shoes (or slip-ons)

Memorization tip:

  • This one is a little longer than the script we memorized last week. It may take longer to memorize. I recommend breaking it into smaller parts to memorize and using the “one letter-one word” method.
  • For the line in which she is describing what she had for dinner, one thing that can help when memorizing it is to picture the plates in your mind. (Seafood surprise is a bunch of different seafoods, like shrimp and calamari, mixed together)

Download script below (Password is REKINDLE):

  • Note: there is a CHEAT SHEET with the letters below the script
  • The password to view it is REKINDLE in all caps.