Our Seattle Acting Classes

  • Not sure which class to sign up for? We recommend starting with Acting 101, then taking 102, 103 and 104, Auditioning, and Let’s Make a Movie.
  • Our classes are held in Seattle, Washington. Locations include the University of Washington campus (Seattle branch); Phinney Neighborhood Center and other community centers.

Classes open for enrollment

  1. ACTING 101 – In this enjoyable introductory acting class, you’ll learn how to create characters, memorize dialogue, and perform scenes with other students.
  2. ACTING 102 – In this class, we’ll dive into scene work, paying attention to motivation and backstory.
  3. ACTING 103– Learn how to create a range of different character types, find their individual ways of walking and speaking, and bring them to life.
  4. ACTING 104 – Our focus in class will be on expanding each student’s emotional range.
  5. ACTING 105 – Intuitive acting: Listening to and responding to our scene partners in a believable and naturalistic way.
  6. ACTING 106
  7. ACTING 107
  8. ACTING 108
  9. LET’S MAKE A MOVIE – In this class we’ll create a short movie. Students can act in it or help out behind the scenes.
  10. ACTING IN A 48 HOUR MOVIE – We’ll make a short film in a single day, and it’ll screen in a Seattle theater!
  11. ACTING IN A 48 HOUR HORROR MOVIE – We’ll make a short HORROR film in a single day, and it’ll screen in a Seattle theater!
  12. IMPROV 101 –

How our classes are scheduled

Each time we schedule an Acting 101 class, we set it up so that the next three classes, Acting 102-104, can be taken on the same night, in the same time, at the same location whenever possible.

It’s fine to sign up at any time on the Rekindle School website, you don’t need to wait till you finish Acting 101.