Acting 106

Acting 106 is a follow-up class for people who’s taken 105 and would like to continue learning and improving. Our focus in these four weeks will be on moving acting to a more genuine and spontaneous level.

There’s a saying that 80% of what you do as an actor is in the form of listening and responding; not responses that we choose in advance, but ones that occur spontaneously when we’re relaxing into the scene and letting ourselves have a genuine emotional response to the other actor(s), in the moment.

Exercises will include:

  1. More physical acting! Continuing the type of exercises we started in Acting 105
  2. Scene work (learning and performing short scenes)
  3. Improv and short skits
  4. “Improv reads” (a type of sight read in which the students can add words and actions to what’s written to bring the scene to life)

Important: This is not a beginning class; it’s intended for students who’ve completed Rekindle’s Acting 101-104 classes, or by permission. (You do not have to have taken Acting 104.)

This class is for ages 17 and older (or by permission of instructor). It can be taken by itself just for fun, or applied toward our Acting Intensive Certificate. Instructor – Nils Osmar

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