Acting as a Career

Thinking or daydreaming about pursuing acting as a career – or even a serious hobby? Wondering about auditions, headshots, actor reels, getting an agent, and how it all works?

In this class, you’ll get a good overview of how to approach it, including how to audition; where to find auditions in the greater Seattle area; how to prepare for them; what to bring; what to wear; and how to improve your odds of being cast.

You’ll also learn about actor headshots and resumes; how to approach an agency; how to film your own auditions; audition protocols and etiquette, and more.

This class is for ages 17 and older (or by permission of instructor). It can be taken by itself just for fun, or applied toward our Acting Fundamentals Certificate. Instructor: Nils Osmar

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Student Reviews

I am now a full time actor in L.A.

Rated 5 out of 5

Hello Nils, I played Weasel and The Executioner in your movie Liberation… I also took the Let’s Make a Movie class with you few years ago. I hope you are doing great and finding time to make movies.I just wanted to thank you for having me in your movies and teaching me! I am now a full time actor in LA. Thank you and have a great 2017 full of creative films! Thank you and have a great 2017 full of creative films! My website is

Deja Soufka

I just met a very awesome goal

Rated 5 out of 5

I wanted to say thank you for your help and guidance in the early stages of my acting career. It has been a great journey that started in your beginning acting class. I am happy to report that I just met a very awesome goal. I will be a day actor in the TV series Grimm this week. It was your coaching that set and codified the foundation that helped get me where I am today. Thank you so much for your help.

Joey Coverson

I now have had two acting gigs

Rated 5 out of 5

I’d like to thank you.   After taking your classes last year, I now have had two acting gigs.   One in a movie called Sideways Japan… it was a Fox production…  and I was in a commercial in Hollywood, that was a Time Warner production.  

The reel we made (in the Let’s Make a Movie class) was very useful helping me perform in front of camera and the fact (that I was) comfortable in front of camera got me the gigs.Tell  everyone to not give up and give it your all if you want to make it.   It was a slow start, but now I’m living in L.A. and loving it. Thanks again, your classes are good.

K. S.  (Hollywood)

Thank you for inspiring me to follow my dreams

Rated 5 out of 5

Hi Nils,  I want to thank you for inspiring me to follow me dreams. I left Washington. I am down in California.   I have started a television production company and I auditioned for a Harley Davidson Commercial yesterday as an actor. (Update: I got the role.) Everything is moving at light speed…and in a positive direction. It all started with you in that classroom at the U of W.

Robert C.,   Hollywood

Looking forward to more!

Rated 5 out of 5

Hi Nils,   I just wanted to thank you for a great class last night! Clearly, people were a little nervous about getting up to perform their monologues, but you have fostered a very supportive environment which makes it much easier to get up there.   I think you did an excellent job at figuring out how to help each individual to take the next step with their piece,  despite a wide range of skill levels.   I’m looking forward to next week!  

Marnie M.

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