Acting 103 assignment – memorize a monologue

This week’s assignment is to read through the monologues below and practice both of them. Find the voice for each of the characters, then practice saying the lines as the character would. Then choose one of them to memorize so that you can perform it in class.

Monologue 1: Confession

MAISE (to her lawyer, and the jury in her murder trial):

Just stop the bullshit. I killed him. I took him down to the basement, made him get on his knees, shoved the gun in his face and fuckin’ blew his stupid head off.

Cause the bastard cheated on me! He might as well have, I mean. I saw him lookin’ at the neighbor lady… the way he smiled at her… I knew what he was thinkin’.  So I did it to him first, this time! One shot! Shoulda done it to my first husband, he was even worse than this one!

So go ahead. Gimme me the chair, I don’t care. Cause he fuckin’ deserved it. I’ll go to my grave knowin’ he did.
Monologue 2: “You Can Paint! I Can Too, I Think!”

All right, everyone! Now quiet down please. I’m Mister Balmer. I’ll be your teacher. We’ll be learning about watercolor in this session. Doesn’t that sound fun! How to mix the colors, and how to use them to paint pretty little pictures. We’ll paint some flowers and space ships and dragons and all kinds of things!  

Now just pick up your brushes, and just dip them in the water… That’s right. Don’t spill your water, Billie!  Now I know it’s scary. This is brand new to all of you. I’ve never painted either, but I’m sure I can do it. We can all learn together! Doesn’t that sound fun?

Don’t eat the paint, Mary. You can use the bathroom later, Judith. Okay, everyone…. One, two, three… paint!

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