Acting 102 – Assignment 2 – “I Like Your Hair”

Hi everyone! The assignment for this week is to memorize the short script below.

  • It’s fine to memorize either or both parts.
  • The password to view it is REKINDLE in all caps.


  • Note: the scene heading says “INT. CAFE – MORNING”, but I’ve been meaning to change this; it’s actually a restaurant, not a cafe, and is in the evening. The backstory is that Jay and Tulsi have been dating on and off for two years. They are not exclusive.
  • He asked her to dinner. She accepted.
  • Ask yourself: Why did she accept? What did she come here for? (There are at least two possible reasons.) What was her objective, or purpose, in meeting him?
  • What about him? What was his goal, or objective, in meeting her? There’s one obvious answer but may be others.

Download script: Password is REKINDLE

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