Rekindle School is an independent educational program

We offer fun, affordable classes in the arts, in subjects including drawing, painting, cartooning, writing, filmmaking and other subjects.  Our classes are about having fun and learning new skills, not about tests or grades. 

Our program was established in 2002. We’re an art school, acting school, and film school all rolled into one.

Our Washington state classes on the University of Washington campus in Seattle. They’re co-sponsored by the Experimental College. We also have students in Hollywood, New York and other cities.

Our philosophy is that everyone is born creative. Anyone can learn how to draw, paint, write, doodle, tell stories, make quilts, write poems, make music, or express their creativity in myriad other ways. As we go through life, people can lose touch with their creativity for a while. But it can be rekindled.

Whether you’re hoping to learn something new and different you’ve never tried before; go deeper into a subject you love, and learn more about it; or rekindle a creative energy you thought you might have lost, we’re here to help.