Seattle film classes and videography classes

Film classes open for enrollment:

Make-up FX for Filmmakers

  • Our Seattle film classes are held on the University of Washington campus.
  • They’re co-sponsored by and the University of Washington’s Experimental College.
  • They are non-credit courses for the general community, so are open to everyone.
  • Our courses are set up so that you can easily take a couple of classes in the same location, on the same day. (For example, Crash Course meets shortly before Let’s Make a Movie.)  (Each class is meant to stand on its own, but they also work nicely together.)
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People often ask what the differences are between our Seattle film classes. Some have similar titles (because they’re all about filmmaking), but the content is very different.

In a nutshell: Let’s Make a Movie is a hands-on class in which the students make a movie as a group. They write or choose a script, learn how to set up lights, operate the slate, record audio, and operate the camcorder, and can also act in the movie if they want to. The instructor brings in a professional (prosumer high def) camcorder, pro lights, a pro microphone, etc., which are used in filming the movie.  Students are taught how to use the equipment, and take turns using it.  They are also welcome to “film along,” filming their own versions of the different shots, if they have their own camcorders.

Because we’re rushing to complete a movie by the deadline, we don’t have time in  Let’s Make a Movie to cover a lot of technical information, such as, all of different types of camcorders… the different kinds of microphones and how they work… the theory of lighting… and detailed, in-depth information about storyboarding and shot lists, etc. For that reason, we added the Crash Course in Filmmaking class, which covers all of these things in great detail. Let’s Make a Movie is an experiential class in which students learn by doing; Crash Course in Filmmaking is where we cover all of the THEORY behind what we’re doing.

Documentary Filmmaking (offered some quarters) is specifically geared toward people who want to make their own documentaries. It addresses questions like how to set up interviews, and how to record high quality audio and video under field conditions.

Start Writing Your Screenplay is a very solid introduction to screenwriting. Students who complete all four classes will receive a certificate of completion.

Note: Another class that can be helpful to filmmakers is Beginning Acting.  (It’ll give you a place to meet some good actors, and “scout” talent for your movie while participating in the class and learning how actors approach their work.)

Student comments:

“I found your classes on the web when I was looking for Seattle film schools.  I was looking for a school that was affordable because I didn’t want to get into a student loan situation.  I don’t know yet if this will be a career. I was just wanting to learn how to make movies for fun.  The classes are good and I did learn a lot.  I took Let’s Make a Movie and the Crash Course in Filmmaking class, and will be taking the video editing class next.   Your classes are a resource to the community and I recommend the classes to people who would like to learn more about filmmaking and want the end product to look professional. Thank you.” – Lee R., Seattle

Looking for affordable FILM CLASSES in Seattle?  Looking for a Seattle film school where you can learn the basics of digital filmmaking without spending a fortune? Ready to move beyond Youtube, and start make movies that are good enough to get into the major film festivals?  There is still time to sign up for our upcoming Seattle Film Classes! 

Our classes are held on the University of Washington campus, and are sponsored by, Wonder Productions, and the University of Washington’s ASUW Experimental College They are open to everyone.




Adobe Premiere! Video Editing for Beginners


Are you new to video editing, and interested in getting off to a good start?  In this class, you’ll learn how to use Adobe Premiere to edit videos effectively. Course covers:

  • the basics of video editing: invisible cuts, b-roll, footage importation, timeline management, etc
  • when and how to use (or avoid!) visual effects & custom transitions
  • color correction
  • audio cleanup & leveling, transcription, and addition of music & sound effects
  • how to export and digitally distribute your movie
  • how to get access to Premiere and other Adobe apps at a reasonable cost

For more information, or to sign up now – CLICK HERE!

Crash Course in Filmmaking

Seattle film classes

Want to learn the basics of filmmaking, but not ready to spend $30,000 for film school? This Seattle filmmaking class class will teach you all of the essentials, at a tuition you can afford. Plus: shots and camera angles, camcorders, lighting, audio and more.

For more information, or to sign up now – CLICK HERE!

Let’s Make a MOVIE!

Seattle filmmaking classes: Let's Make a Movie: Image 1: Slate

Ever dreamed about acting in a movie, or making a movie of your own?  In this fun, hands-on course, we’ll create and film a short independent movie from scratch. You can participate as an actor, member of the crew, or both.  It’s an acting class, a filmmaking class, and an involving immersive experience. (Most students take this class along with Crash Course in Filmmaking.) Fun times!  MORE INFO – CLICK HERE!

Start Writing Your Screenplay

Seattle screenplay classes

In this Seattle screenwriting class, you’ll learn how screenplays are written, and have opportunities to write some short scenes and scripts, workshop them in class, and get feedback on your writings.  We’ll focus on plot and structure, script formatting, dialogue and action, and how to write an effective and marketable script.  

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Looking for Seattle photography classes

NOTE: Another good way to enhance your videography skills is to take some still photography classes. Many of the principles are similar. Learn the basics of photography in this fun, step by step Seattle photography class! More info