Seattle software classes:

  • Our Seattle software classes meet on the University of Washington campus.
  • They’re co-sponsored by and the University of Washington’s Experimental College.
  • They are non-credit courses for the general community, open to everyone.
  • For course descriptions, dates, times and registration information, click the class title or scroll down this page.
  • To sign up, click the yellow Take Class button on the class page.

Got a Website? Turn up its Traffic with SEO

seattle seo clases

Do you have a website that needs more traffic?  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can make the difference between 100 people finding your website, or 100,000 people. For businesses, good SEO can result in improved web traffic and sales.  For bloggers, it can increase the number of people who find and read your blog. In this class you’ll learn how SEO works, and how to optimize your website so that Google will be more likely to find it and list it higher in its search engine results.

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Learn Photoshop in Three Weeks!

For class: Photoshop for Beginners (Seattle campus) v. 1

Looking for a beginning-level Photoshop class in Seattle, that covers all of the basics but won’t break the bank?  In this easy step-by-step class aimed at total beginners, you’ll learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to: fix color problems in photos; fix exposure problems; remove dust and scratches; make flyers, posters and business cards; crop and rotate photos; and more. 

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Video Editing in Adobe Premiere


Are you new to video editing, and interested in getting off to a good start?  In this class, you’ll learn how to use Adobe Premiere, and learn the basics of video editing, including:

  • the basics of video editing: invisible cuts, b-roll, footage importation, timeline management, etc
  • when and how to use (or avoid!) visual effects & custom transitions
  • basic color correction (both automatic & manual)
  • audio cleanup & leveling, transcription, and addition of music & sound effects
  • how to export and digitally distribute your movie
  • how to get access to Premiere and other Adobe apps at a (very) reasonable cost

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WordPress for Beginners


Looking for a Seattle WordPress class that starts at the beginning, and teaches you how to build your own website, step by step?  Perhaps you have a site already, but it is outdated or managed by an expensive consulting company?  This class will give you the tools to build your own website, using the popular WordPress platform. 

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