IMPORTANT NOTE: In summer 2016, we have COMBINED this class with “Drawing for Absolute Beginners” (5 week class). To learn Perspective in summer quarter, please take that class.  If you have questions, please email us: Email:

Drawing in 1, 2 and 3-Point Perspective

perWhether you draw or paint professionally, or just doodle for fun, knowledge of perspective can make your artwork look more realistic and three dimensional, and solve common compositional problems.

In this step-by-step workshop, you’ll learn the basics of one, two and three point perspective, including: vanishing points and horizon lines, how to make some objects in your drawings look close to the viewer, and how to make others look further away.

Plus, you’ll learn ways to add a sense of depth to your drawings and paintings, even in those times when you may not want to use formal perspective. Total beginners welcome!  You do not need to buy or bring any materials to this class. The instructor will bring drawing pencils, rulers, sketch paper, kneaded erasers, and art gum erasers for you to use. Instructor: Nils Osmar

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Tuition: $99  + $10 registration fee

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