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  • Most of our art classes meet on the U.W. campus (about five minutes from downtown Seattle)
  • They are co-sponsored by and the University of Washington’s ASUW Experimental College
  • They are non-credit courses for the general community – open to everyone.



  1. Where are the classes held?  Most of our Seattle art classes take place on the University of Washington campus in Seattle, Washington.  You’ll be given the exact location and driving directions for your class when you sign up.
  2. Is an art school?  We’re a Seattle art school, acting school, film school, writing school, dance school, yoga school, and software school, all under one umbrella.
  3. Have any of your students gone on to be professional artists?  Most students take the classes just for fun, but some have gone on to careers in the arts.  The classes are open to everyone who’s interested in learning.
  4. Should the classes be taken in a certain order?  It depends on what you’re looking for.  For example, if you’re brand new at drawing… have never picked up a pencil before… and are wanting to explore it and find an approach that works for you, Drawing for Absolute Beginners is a good class to start with.  (It can also be helpful for folks who’d like to learn to paint, because learning to draw can help with a number of aspects of painting.)   But it’s fine to take whatever classes catch your eye in any order.
  5. Do students need to bring anything to the classes? It depends on the class. In some classes, the materials are provided. In others, you’ll need to pick up a materials kit. Kits for several of our classes are available for purchase at the University Bookstore in Seattle.
  6. What should I wear to class? Any time you attend art classes, we recommend wearing something comfortable, but that you won’t mind if it ends up with a little smudge on it, because some art materials (like paints, inks and dyes) may not wash out.
  7. Are art classes really necessary?  Can’t people just learn to draw and paint by playing with the materials and practicing? It is possible to learn some things on your own… artists have been doing that for centuries… and practice is an essential part of learning.  But effective art classes and art schools give you an opportunity to learn from professional artists in a friendly group environment, and to get help where and when you need it. Getting a little art training early on can make everything easier and make it that much more fun to continue learning in the future.
  8. What makes different from other Seattle art schools? There are lots of art schools in Seattle, each with their own focus and strengths.  In our program, you’ll tend to find classes that are short, but incisive and focused, so you’ll learn a lot in just a few hours or meetings.  You can usually learn everything that you need to to get started in a subject area, in just one or two four-week sessions. 


  • Looking for fun, affordable art classes in Seattle, Washington?  Checking out Seattle art schools to see what’s out there?  
  • Whether you’re an experienced artist looking for a refresher in the basics (or curious about trying out a new medium), or a newcomer who has never picked up a pencil to try drawing before, our classes can help. 
  • You can take classes that interest you just for fun, or take several different classes to earn a Certificate from  (See the Certificates page for more information)
  • Our current course offerings include Seattle painting classes, Seattle cartooning classes, Seattle drawing classes, and more. 
  • Categories include Seattle art schools, Seattle art classes, and Art Schools in Seattle.


Acrylic Painting 101: Painting for Beginners

for class: Painting for beginners (Seattle campus) v. 1

Painting is fun! And acrylics are a great medium to start with. In this Seattle painting class, you’ll learn how to mix and blend acrylics, how to use brushes, and how to paint some simple objects and landscapes, step-by-step. Even if you don’t know an artist’s brush from a toothbrush, you’ll have fun, learn a lot, and get off to a good start.  NOTE: You can take this class as a five-week course or a one-day workshop. More info: CLICK HERE!

Cartooning 101


Looking for a fun, step-by-step introductory Seattle cartooning class?  In this enjoyable class, aimed at beginners but open to all levels, you’ll learn how to create your own cartoon characters and show them in action, even if you’ve never drawn before. You’ll learn how to draw cartoon faces and figures; how to draw human and animal characters & moreFor more information, or to sign up now – CLICK HERE!

Colored Pencil Drawing for Beginners


Colored pencils are clean, fun, and portable. In this fun three week Seattle class, you’ll learn how to draw and “paint” using high quality pencils, and mix and blend them to create beautiful, vibrant drawings.  For more information or to sign up now, CLICK HERE!

Drawing Faces and Portraits

Photo for Seattle art classes: Drawing faces and portraits (1)

In this class students will learn how to draw faces and portraits using an easy step-by-step method.  You’ll learn how to draw male and female faces… front views, side views and other angles… facial expressions… and more. You’ll learn how to draw realistic, believable faces when you don’t have a model, and also how to get a good resemblance when you’re drawing from life or photos. For more information, or to sign up now – CLICK HERE!

Drawing for Absolute Beginners!


Anyone can draw… this means you! In this enjoyable introductory drawing class, aimed at total beginners, we’ll work our way through a number of exercises designed to train your eye, hand and imagination to work together. Most students notice striking improvement in their artwork by the second meeting.  (NOTE:  This is the 3-WEEK version of the class. If you are looking for the 1-DAY version, see Learn to Draw in a Day.) More info: CLICK HERE!

Drawing in 1, 2, and 3-Point Perspective


Whether you doodle and draw just for fun, or draw or paint professionally, knowledge of perspective can make your artwork look more realistic and three-dimensional. In this workshop you’ll learn the basics of one, two and three point perspective, and also learn about atmospheric perspective and easy ways of enhancing the sense of realism in your drawings, paintings or doodles. For more info, or to sign up now – CLICK HERE!

Drawing in Pen, Brush and Ink


Ink drawings can be striking and beautiful. They have a vivid element of contrast that can define forms in a dramatic or whimsical way.  Come join us and spend a fun day exploring this fascinating art form. For more information, or to sign up now – CLICK HERE!

Figure Drawing for Beginners!


In this fun, step-by-step introduction to figure drawing, you’ll learn how to draw realistic human figures using an easy method, even when you don’t have a model to look at. You’ll learn about shading, muscles, hand, feet, drawing male and female figures, and how to show the figure in action. Total beginners welcome! 

For more information, or to sign up now – CLICK HERE!

Fun & Fancy Calligraphy with Pointed Pens


In this enjoyable Seattle calligraphy class, we’ll explore the elegant art of pointed pen calligraphy.  You’ll learn how to create beautiful letterforms using pointed pens with sharp, flexible nibs. A great class for beginners who have never picked up a calligraphy pen, and for everyone who would like to perfect the art of calligraphy. For more information, or to sign up now – CLICK HERE!

Learn to Draw in a Day!

hands drawing

A one-day version of our popular “drawing for absolute beginners” class. The same exercises and lessons as the three-week version, all in a single day. Come join us to have fun, spend the day drawing, and learn the basics of drawing in a day! (If you are looking for the three-week version, see Drawing for Absolute Beginners) To learn more about the one-day class, click below.More info: CLICK HERE!

Making Jewelry from Polymer Clay

seattle polymer clay class

Whether you want to make jewelry, mosaics, bookmarks, or just about any other small item, this class will get you off to a great start. Polymer clay is fun, affordable, and flexible. You’ll learn how to make lovely jewelry items for yourself, or to give as beautiful home-made gifts to a friend.  For more information, or to sign up now – CLICK HERE!

Mixed Media Collage!


Explore your creative side! In this enjoyable class, you’ll learn photo transfer techniques and ways to work with magazine images or xeroxed and laser printed photos of your own. You’ll learn how to take assorted weights and kinds of papers to make a great collage.  Learn simple ways to create interesting textures and patterns using rubber stamps, acrylics, gel mediums, household spackle and other art supplies.  More info: CLICK HERE!

Painting Portraits


In this fun and focused Seattle portrait painting class, students will learn how to paint portraits with oils.  Students will learn how to paint quickly, making short monochrome studies, focusing on the large ideas first, then adding details.  We’ll then add in color, learning how the face can hold not just yellows, peaches and browns, but the entire spectrum of colors. More info – click here

Watercolor Workshop


Spend the day painting and exploring the wonders of watercolor! Watercolor Workshop is a pleasant and relaxing exploratory class for anyone who has admired this elegant and accessible medium. The instructor will move around the room as students paint, helping them individually with their paintings. Beginners welcome. More info: CLICK HERE!