Seattle Art Classes

  • Fun, affordable acting classes! Courses include drawing, painting, cartooning, collage, calligraphy, life mask making, and more.  To view open classes, scroll down. 
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Caricature for Beginners


Caricatures are not the same thing as cartoons. They are humorous portraits of real people.  A caricature can be defined as a portrait with an exclamation point!  It captures the likeness of the subject while exaggerating their features.  This fun and easy Seattle caricature class is designed for artists of all skill levels who want to try something new and fun. More information ➩  DATES AND TIMES – Sign up now!

Cartooning 101


Looking for a fun, step-by-step introductory Seattle cartooning class?  In this enjoyable class, aimed at beginners, you’ll learn how to create your own cartoon characters and show them in action, even if you’ve never drawn before. You’ll learn how to draw cartoon faces and figures; how to draw human and animal characters & moreMORE INFORMATION  ➩  DATES AND TIMES – SIGN UP NOW

Mixed Media Collage!


Explore your creative side! In this enjoyable class, you’ll learn photo transfer techniques and ways to work with magazine images or xeroxed and laser printed photos of your own. You’ll learn how to take assorted weights and kinds of papers to make a great collage.  Learn simple ways to create interesting textures and patterns using rubber stamps, acrylics, gel mediums, household spackle and other art supplies.  MORE INFO  ➩ DATES AND TIMES – SIGN UP NOW

Palette Knife Painting


Looking for an opportunity to try palette knife painting? In this easy step-by-step Seattle workshop, you’ll use water-miscible oils to create vibrant and beautiful landscapes. We’ll explore knife strokes and color mixing with oils, mixing on the palette versus on the canvas, the uses of color contrasts and blending, creating simplicity and complexity, and more. MORE INFO ➩ DATES AND TIMES – SIGN UP NOW

Watercolor Workshop


Spend the day painting and exploring the wonders of watercolor! Watercolor Workshop is a pleasant and relaxing exploratory class for anyone who has admired this elegant and accessible medium. The instructor will move around the room as students paint, helping them individually with their paintings. Beginners welcome.  MORE INFO  ➩ DATES AND TIMES – SIGN UP NOW!