Auditioning 101: Auditions, Headshots, Resumes and Reels

In this class, you’ll learn how auditions work, from the point of view of both actors and casting directors; the best places to find auditions in Seattle; how to identify your “type” and use it to have the best odds of landing a role; the etiquette of auditioning; how to get professional-quality headshots taken at an affordable price; how to compose a good resume, regardless of your level of experience; how to put together an effective actor’s reel; ; and you’ll get practice doing cold reads, slates, and profiles.

  • Co-sponsored by the University of Washington’s Experimental College
  • When: Sunday March 15, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Where: UW campus
  • Tuition: $99 for general public; $95 for UW students (plus $10 registration fee)
  • Driving directions will be emailed. Sign up now using the Take Class button below

General Public: $99 tuition Take Class
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auditions-in-seattle-class1Are you new to the Seattle acting scene, or wanting to get back into acting and auditioning after a break?  This class will help you find auditions and have the best chance of making a good impression.

In this fun and informative one-day workshop, held on the University of Washington campus, you’ll learn where and how to find auditions in the Seattle area; which auditions are good, and which ones you should avoid; which agencies are legitimate, and which ones may be scams; how to audition for paid and unpaid roles; what to expect in stage auditions and on-camera auditions; how to slate for the camera; and more.

We’ll also talk about actor head shots (what makes a good head shot, and what doesn’t); how to find a good headshot photographer in Seattle; how to create an effective online reel to help promote yourself as an actor; what to put on your actors’ resume, whether you’re brand new at acting or experience; and you’ll learn helpful information about jobs and and career opportunities for actors in the Seattle area.

The instructor has directed for stage and film for over twenty years. His movies have played in international film festivals.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR  Nils Osmar has made his living in the arts since the 1980s, working as a visual artist, writer, director and independent filmmaker. He has taught acting classes, film classes, and other classes and workshops for over twenty years through the University of Washington’s ASUW Experimental College, and other programs.  His films have played at major international film festivals.

Students comments

Thanks so much for teaching the class. It was really interesting and I learned a lot. I know you’ve helped many actors … thanks so much for all of your genuine advice and sincere guidance. – Maria C., Seattle

Thanks Nils, the class was great! It was a great send-off and a great follow up to the (Beginning Acting) class. – Marianne K., Kenmore

THANK YOU for teaching a genuinely inspiring class. – Mike G., Seattle

I took your beginning class in the winter, then the auditioning workshop… to make it short, I got offered a role in a movie! Thank you again for all of your help over the past several months. – Rob G., Tacoma

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to find auditions in Seattle
  • What to look for in a head shot photographer
  • How to put together an acting resume
  • How to put together a reel
  • and more.


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