Acting 102: Intermediate Acting

Intermediate Acting is a follow-up class for students in Seattle who’ve taken Nils Osmar’s Beginning Acting class (or a similar course) and would like to continue learning and developing their foundation acting skills. We’ll do some more improv, skits, scene work and group exercises, with a focus on having fun, being genuine, listening and responding, and developing both quick memorization skills. Plus, you’ll learn a method that makes “cold reads” much simpler and easier. You can take this class as part of the Acting Fundamentals Certificate Program, or just for fun. Instructor: Nils Osmar

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Tuition: $150 + $10 registration fee

Acting 102: Intermediate acting
Wednesdays, 8/3-8/24
7pm-9:30pm (4 meetings)
University of Washington campus

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Tuition: $150 + $10 registration fee

Acting 102
Intermediate Acting
Sundays 8/7-8/28
6 pm-8:30pm (four meetings)
University of Washington campus (Seattle)

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Students will perform short scenes and skits, do exercises to lock in the concept of objective, and do exercises related to character and emotion.The focus is on moving into more in-depth character work, listening to and responding naturally to other actors and characters, and becoming more comfortable feeling and expressing a range of emotions on stage or on camera.  Acting 102 is a fun, interactive, performance-oriented class.  (Note: Students should take Beginning Acting before attending this class. It’s fine to sign up for both classes at the same time.)


Some students have emailed me asking about the Intermediate Acting class, how it’s different from the Beginning Acting class, and how it fits into the range of acting classes I offer.
Beginning Acting is intended as an introduction to acting (laying the foundations for developing a range of different skills). Exercises in the beginning level class include warm ups and theater games, improv (unscripted acting), becoming familiar with the stage, sense memory work, relaxation exercises,and memorizing, rehearsing and performing short scenes.
In Intermediate Acting, students will have an opportunity to stretch themselves as actors on several levels, practice doing cold readings, learn techniques that will help them act both on stage and in front of the camera, and increase their range emotionally.  It’s a fun class with a variety of exercises, all building on the basic skills we began developing in the first class. It’s a good follow-up to the beginning level course, for people who would like to keep building foundation skills.
P.S. If you’re looking specifically for film acting classes or movie acting classes in Seattle, Let’s Make a Movie is also offered every quarter. It’s a course in which we rehearse and film a short movie right in the class.

Student comments about this class:

Beginning Acting was fun; Intermediate Acting was where the real work started. The instructor worked hard to give students a solid foundation in pursuing their goals in the field. I highly recommend this class. – A.M., Seattle

I loved the first meeting… I feel like I finally understand the idea of ‘objective’ in a way I can actually use. When it clicked it was like a light going on. I don’t need to plan the emotions at all, just find who my character is and what she wants. Everything falls into place. Yay! Great class, Nils! – Mary R., Bellevue

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