Seattle acting classes

  • Fun, affordable acting classes! Courses include beginning acting, intermediate acting, voiceover, improv, acting in movies, and more.   To view open classes, scroll down. 
  • Most of our acting classes meet on the University of Washington campus in Seattle.
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In this enjoyable introductory class, you’ll learn how to create characters, memorize dialogue, and use your voice, body and emotions as acting tools.  Plus: we’ll do theater games and warm ups, improv and scene work. Whether you’re looking for a class just for fun, or have aspirations to act in movies or on stage, everyone is welcome. The instructor has directed both feature films and stage plays, and has taught acting since 1998. Meets on the University of Washington campus in Seattle.  More information ➩ DATES AND TIMES – Sign up now 

“…I wanted to say thank you for your help and guidance in the early stages of my acting career. It has been a great journey that started in your beginning acting class. I am happy to report that I just met a very awesome goal. I will be a day actor in the TV series Grimm this week. It was your coaching that set and codified the foundation that helped get me where I am today. Thank you so much for your help.   If you would like to, please feel free to share my story with your other students and on the website.  Best wishes and with my sincerest gratitude, Joey Coverson”


ACTING WORKSHOP: Accents and Dialects for Actors


In this Seattle acting class, students will learn how to speak in a wide range of accents and dialects. You’ll learn French, German, Russian, high and low British, and more!  (You won’t learn the languages, but you’ll learn how to sound like you’re from those parts of the world.)  Note: This class is open to actors of all types and levels of experience (voice actors, stage actors, actors for the camera, and total beginners.)  More information ➩ DATES AND TIMES – Sign up now



In this information-packed workshop, you’ll learn where to find auditions for acting gigs in the Seattle area; how to find acting jobs; how to prepare; “red flags” to watch out for; what to expect in stage or camera auditions; how to find the “good” acting agencies, and avoid the scams; and more.  Plus, you’ll learn about head shots, reels, resumes, and more.  More information  ➩ DATES AND TIMES – SIGN UP NOW



Basis Makeup for Actors: Looking Good! is a great class for actors, independent filmmakers, women, men, makeup artists (professional), makeup artists (in training), and the just-curious. It’s particularly useful for actors who may find themselves acting in low budget films without makeup artists, and need to be able to do their own makeup to make sure they’ll look good in the finished movie. ➩ More information  ➩  DATES AND TIMES – Sign up now!



Looking for Improv classes in Seattle that are fun, fast-paced and energetic? This enjoyable introductory class, taught by an instructor with years of experience, is a great place to start.  You’ll play, laugh, focus and have fun while learning how to let go of preconceptions and let go of worrying about failure.  More information ➩ DATES AND TIMES – Sign up now



Ever dreamed about acting in a movie, or making a movie of your own?  In this fun, hands-on course, we’ll create and film a short independent movie from scratch. You can participate as an actor, member of the crew, or both.  It’s an acting class, a filmmaking class, and an involving immersive experience. (Most students take this class along with Crash Course in Filmmaking, which meets in the same location earlier in the day.) Fun times!  More information ➩  SIGN UP NOW

I’d like to thank you.   After taking your (Beginning Acting and Let’s Make a Movie) classes last year, I now have had two acting gigs.   One in a movie called Sideways Japan… it was a Fox production…  and I was in a commercial in Hollywood, that was a Time Warner production.   The reel we made (in the Let’s Make a Movie class) was very useful helping me perform in front of camera and the fact (that I was) comfortable in front of camera got me the gigs.

Tell  everyone to not give up and give it your all if you want to make it.   It was a slow start, but now I’m living in L.A. and loving it. Thanks again, your classes are good. – K. S.  (Hollywood)



In three class sessions followed by a public performance, students will learn to learn to unleash their inner funny with confidence and skill.  Seattle has a booming stand-up comedy community, so there will be lots of opportunity to continue to use what you learn even after the class has concluded. More information ➩ DATES AND TIMES – Sign up now

VOICEOVER 102: Intermediate level

Voiceover 102 is for the students who have completed Rick May’s Voiceover 101 class. It is a continuance of in-depth instruction of advanced voice work. It continues to cover character development, cartoon voices, video games, announcing techniques and vocal development. Class material extensively covers all the elements of voice work and audition preparation.   More information ➩ DATES AND TIMES – Sign up now

For dates, times and locations, see the sidebar or click here

More about our classes

Our Seattle acting classes are not-for-credit. This means that the focus is on having fun and learning, rather than tests or grades.  

Whether your goal is to explore acting as a life path, or just have fun and get over your stage fright, our classes are a great place to start.

Note: Our classes are open to everyone 18 or older.  Some classes allow younger students, but the great majority of students are adults.  If a student is younger than 18, please email us before signing him or her up.

Which class should I take first?

If you’re taking a class just for fun, start with Beginning Acting.

If you’re new to acting, and your goal is to develop your foundation acting skills in a step by step way, take: Beginning ActingIntermediate Acting; and Acting 103 to start with.

If your dream is to act in movies or television, you should also take Acting for the Camera, Let’s Make a Movie and the Auditioning workshop.

Note: Some classes have multiple sections, which meet on different days.  For example, you can take Acting 101 on Sundays, or Wednesdays.  Voiceover 101 can be taken on Tuesdays or Saturdays.  Just choose the day that works best for you when you sign up.

Certificates of Completion: 

You can take classes individually (just sign up for the ones that look fun, or you take several classes in a series and earn a Certificate of Completion.  

For example, if you take Acting 101, 102, 103, Auditioning and either Let’s Make a Movie or Acting for the Camera, you will earn a Certificate in Acting Fundamentals.

If you take Voiceover 101, Voiceover 102, and Accents and Dialects for Actors, you will earn a Certificate in Voiceover Acting Fundamentals.


Are these good classes to take if I’m brand new to acting?  Yes.

I want to act in the movies, or on stage.  Will your classes help?  No one can guarantee you that if you take a certain class or attend a certain school, you’ll go on to be the next Oscar-winning actor. If you want to succeed as an actor, what will get you there is your commitment and hard work (and a measure of good luck).

What our classes will do — what any good acting classes will do — is give you a solid introduction to acting, a good foundation that will help you start developing your skills and moving more effectively toward your goals.

Have you had students who’ve gone on to work in Hollywood, or on mainstream television?  Yes. We’ve have had students over the years who found work acting in movies, television shows and commercials (including major national commercials) in Hollywood and other places.  And many of our students have started out in beginning acting classes and gone on to become prominent actors in Seattle independent films. Succeeding as an actor takes hard work; our classes are a good place to start.

What if I want to take classes just for fun? (I’m not really into the acting career thing, just doing something fun and different!)  That is totally fine. Not everyone who takes the classes does so with career ambitions. Probably the majority do so just for fun, for personal enrichment. Whether you’re there for professional reasons, or just to do something fun and different, you’ll have fun and learn a lot, and are welcome in the classes.

I want to be able to speak in front of big audiences without freaking out. Will taking acting classes help?  Everyone is different, but many people have reported that acting classes can be helpful.  Part of it is that in an acting class, you get a lot of experience getting up in front of a group, so being up in front of people in other situations starts to feel easier and more natural. We’ve had students who were shy about getting up in front of people, who told us they were much more comfortable and confident in that kind of situation after a class or two.

What’s the difference between your classes?  Beginning Acting is an overall introduction to acting, and to the acting scene in Seattle. Let’s Make a Movie is a Seattle acting/filmmaking class. Intermediate Acting and The Next Step are follow-up classes for students who’ve taken Beginning Acting and would like to keep learning and developing their foundation skills. The Improv class is a fun introduction to script-free acting, making it up as you go along. The Auditioning workshop provides a helpful overview of what’s involved in finding auditions, having fun in them and approaching them with confidence. Our Voice acting classes help you develop your voice in fun new directions. They’re all good classes, focusing on different parts of the acting experience. If you are interested in several classes, check out our certificate program.

What should I wear to class?  Just wear something loose and comfortable that you can move freely in. Anything is fine.

Looking for fun, affordable classes and workshops in Seattle, that offer high quality instruction without breaking the bank?  Ready to move a little out of your comfort zone and have fun exploring other characters and situations, and discover what acting’s all about, in a safe supportive environment? Our Seattle acting classes can help!

Our classes cover a range of topics and approaches, related to different aspects of the acting experience. There’s an old saying that “You learn to act by acting.” Our classes are designed to reflect this, and give students in Seattle both exposure to the theory and information they need to develop their acting skills, and an opportunity to perform scenes and exercises in class, in front of other students.

Don’t live in Seattle?  For those who live outside of Seattle, and are looking for something beyond what their local acting schools, colleges and training programs are able to offer, we’re working on developing online versions of our acting classes. Stay tuned!

“Hi Nils, I want to thank you for inspiring me to follow my dreams. I left Washington. I am down in California. I have started a television production company and I auditioned for a Harley Davidson Commercial yesterday as an actor. Everything is moving at light speed…and in a positive direction. It all started with you in that classroom at the U of W.” – Robert C., Hollywood