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Dozens of fun, affordable Seattle classes!

Seattle art classes!  Painting classes in Seattle Washington

About Our Program!

Classesandworkshops.com is an independent educational program located in Seattle.  We were established in 2002.  Our classes are noncredit, meaning that the focus is on having fun and learning, not tests or grades.  Most of our students are adults, but some classes are also open to kids.

We offer dozens of fun, affordable classes in drawing and painting, writing, acting, cartooning, calligraphy, singing,  guitar playing, WordPress, filmmaking, Photoshop, photographyfilm and stage makeup, and more.  To see all of our Seattle classes, click here.

All of our classes meet on the University of Washington campus in Seattle (… except for one! The Stand-Up Comedy class meets at North Seattle College and has its last meeting at a comedy club).  Many of our courses are co-sponsored by the ASUW (Associated Students University of Washington) Experimental College.

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Looking for fun, affordable one-day workshops in Seattle? We offer over twenty one-day classes every quarter! Here are a few, coming soon: 



In this information-packed workshop, you’ll learn where to find auditions for acting gigs in the Seattle area; how to find acting jobs; how to prepare; “red flags” to watch out for; what to expect in stage or camera auditions; how to find the “good” acting agencies, and avoid the scams; and more.  Plus, you’ll learn about head shots, reels, resumes, and more.  



Basis Makeup for Actors: Looking Good! is a great class for actors, independent filmmakers, women, men, makeup artists (professional), makeup artists (in training), and the just-curious. It’s particularly useful for actors who may find themselves acting in low budget films without makeup artists, and need to be able to do their own makeup to make sure they’ll look good in the finished movie.

Cartooning 101


Looking for a fun, step-by-step introductory Seattle cartooning class?  In this enjoyable class, aimed at beginners, you’ll learn how to create your own cartoon characters and show them in action, even if you’ve never drawn before. You’ll learn how to draw cartoon faces and figures; how to draw human and animal characters & more. Take as a one-day or three-week class:



Questions? Check out our FAQ!

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Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that being creative is a natural part of life. Anyone can learn to write, draw, act, sing, or express themselves creatively in other ways. Training is more important than “talent” — and when you take classes, you may find a talent for something you’ve never tried before.  If you’d like to have fun and start learning a new skill, we’re here to help.


Fun, focused classes

Some of our classes have several meetings; others are one day workshops.  Either way, our focus is on giving students a concise and solid introduction to a subject.  Many introductory classes, such as Acting 101, have follow-up classes (such as Acting 102, Acting 103, Let’s Make a Movie) that students can take, if they would like to keep learning. 

Dozens of fun, affordable classes in Seattle!


 You can always sign up!

Most schools have a gap of several weeks each quarter during which enrollments are not processed. For example, when spring classes end for the quarter (in most schools), it may be a month or two before summer class dates become open for enrollment.

When we designed our program, we did away with that gap. 

This means that on the day after a class starts each quarter, registration becomes active for the same class for the following quarter. (If the spring session of “Widgets for Wabbits” begins on June 1, the summer session of “Widgets for Wabbits” opens up for enrollment on June 2) (literally the next day).  

This means that you don’t have to wait weeks for the next round of enrollments to begin. You can sign up any time, for any of our Seattle classes.  Early enrollment is recommended, because most classes fill up. 

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Today’s Featured Classes!

Screenwriting 101: Start Writing Your Screenplay

Seattle screenplay classes

In this Seattle screenwriting class, you’ll learn how screenplays are written, and have opportunities to write some short scenes and scripts, workshop them in class, and get feedback on your writings.  We’ll focus on plot and structure, script formatting, dialogue and action, and how to write an effective and marketable script.

➩ More information ➩ Sign up now

Class 10.50 _____ IMPROV 101


Looking for Improv classes in Seattle that are fun, fast-paced and energetic? This enjoyable introductory class, taught by an instructor with years of experience, is a great place to start. 

You’ll play, laugh, focus and have fun while learning how to let go of preconceptions and let go of worrying about failure.

  • Where and when:   

    Sat. 12 noon-2:30 p.m. 
10/31, 11/7, 11/14, 11/21 (4 meetings) Location: Seattle Center (Armory Building, next to the Space Needle)

  • More information  ➩ Sign up now

Class 10.10 _____ ACTING 103: THE NEXT STEP


ACTING 103: THE NEXT STEP is a follow-up class for students who have taken Beginning Acting and Intermediate Acting (or similar classes) and would like to continue learning and improving their foundation acting skills.  The focus will be on moving our performances to the next level of realism and believability, while performing a wide range of characters.

Make a Life Mask!


Life masks are fun and easy to make, and make wonderful gifts, mementos and works of art.  In this intensive one-day workshop, you’ll learn a safe, and easy way to make one. The instructor, Seth Wolfson, has worked for PBS, Universal Studios, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Wax Figure Shop, and others. ➩ MORE INFO  ➩ SIGN UP NOW!

  • When and where:    

    Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
, Nov. 8 only (1 meeting) UW campus (Seattle)

Video Editing: Premiere Pro


In this class, you’ll learn how to edit videos effectively. Plus: visual FX & transitions; color correction; adding music & sound effects; how to export and digitally distribute your movie. ➩ MORE INFO ➩ SIGN UP NOW

  • When and where:  

    Tuesdays, 7 p.m.-9:30 p.m. 
 10/27, 11/3, 11/10 (3 meetings) UW campus (Seattle)

Class 10.15 _____ ACTING FOR THE CAMERA


In this fast paced, five week class, students will practice acting in front of a camera, then make a short film intended to create material that is suitable for an actor’s reel. Note: This class is for students with previous acting experience. Please do not sign up unless you have previously taken Acting 101 or a similar class. 

  • Dates and times:  

    When: Thurs., 7-9 p.m. (last 2 meetings will run late)
 11/5-12/10. No class on 11/26. 5 meetings. UW campus (Seattle)

  • More information ➩ Sign up now

Class 10.01 _____ ACTING 101: BEGINNING ACTING


In this enjoyable introductory class, you’ll learn how to:

  • create characters
  • memorize dialogue
  • and use your voice, body and emotions as acting tools.
  • Plus: we’ll do theater games and warm ups, improv and scene work.

Whether you’re looking for a class just for fun, or have aspirations to act in movies or on stage, everyone is welcome. The instructor, a Seattle filmmaker, has directed both feature films and stage plays, and has taught acting since 1995.  You can take this class on Sundays or Tuesdays:

  • Sunday class:  

    When: Sundays 6-8:30 PM. 10/18, 10/25, 11/1, 11/8
. 4 meetings. Where: University of Washington campus (Seattle branch)

  • Tuesday class:  

    Tues. 7-9:30 pm. 
10/20, 10/27, 11/3, 11/10. 
4 meetings. University of Washington campus (Seattle branch)

  • More information ➩ Sign up now 


Beginning Acting, Acting 102, Acting 103

…I want to thank you for inspiring me to follow me dreams. I left Washington. I am down in California. I have started a television production company and I auditioned for a Harley Davidson Commercial yesterday as an actor. Everything is moving at light speed…and in a positive direction. It all started with you in that classroom at the U of W. – Robert C., Hollywood


“…I wanted to say thank you for your help and guidance in the early stages of my acting career. It has been a great journey that started in your beginning acting class. I am happy to report that I just met a very awesome goal. I will be a day actor in the TV series Grimm this week. It was your coaching that set and codified the foundation that helped get me where I am today. Thank you so much for your help.   If you would like to, please feel free to share my story with your other students and on the website.

Best wishes and with my sincerest gratitude, Joey Coverson” 

Crash course in Filmmaking, Let’s Make a Movie

…I just want to thank you for the (crash course in filmmaking) classes. I never learned so much over a short period of time and remembered it. You wasted no time on the non-essentials.


I greatly appreciate the fact that you were very receptive to everyone’s questions. Your experience, dedication, and passion for film making made this a fantastic learning experience for me.

I want you to know that taking this class has truly made a difference for me. I lost the fear to shoot and produce films. It has given me the knowledge and skills I was seeking and the confidence I need to step into film making.

I have to tell you — you are an incredible teacher! I cannot thank you ENOUGH!  I’ll definitely recommend this class to all my friends. Thanks so much for the highly engaging and inspiring class. – J. Vega

SEATTLE ART CLASSES: Drawing for absolute beginners 

Thanks for taking some time before the class to help me figure out which class I should take. You weren’t just trying to “sell” me a class, you helped me find the one that would be a good next step for me. – M.J. (Seattle)


SEATTLE SOFTWARE CLASSES: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

“I have enjoyed your class. You have been providing great direction for what to look for in SEO and things that you can do to improve anyone’s rankings…. I liked the presentation style, very good information.” – Jim Hopper, Seattle

“The exercise you did using one of your own websites as an example, and showing how the right changes could raise it in the search engine results, was really helpful.” – E.W., Tacoma.

For more comments and reviews about our Seattle classes, see the individual class pages.  See also: More info and reviews


More Featured Classes!

Learn to Draw in a Day!

hands drawing

A one-day version of our popular “drawing for absolute beginners” class. The same exercises and lessons as the weekly version, all in a single day. Come join us to have fun, spend the day drawing, and learn the basics of drawing in a day! (Note: If you are looking for the three-week version, see Drawing for Absolute Beginners).  Sign up for either section below.  ➩ MORE INFORMATION ➩ SIGN UP NOW! 

  • October class – when and where:  

    Sun. 10/18 only, 10 A.M.-4:30 P.M. (1 meeting) UW campus (Seattle)

  • November class – when and where:  

    Sunday 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. 11/22 only (1 meeting) UW campus (Seattle)


Singing for Beginners


Anyone can sing! Singing for Beginners is a fun, affordable introduction to voice training and singing, and is open to everyone. This Seattle singing class will teach warm-ups and relaxation techniques, healthy breathing and voice placement, and get you off to a good start.  You’ll get individual assistance from an experienced instructor who is also a professional singer.  ➩ MORE INFO ➩ SIGN UP NOW

  • When and where:  

    Tues. 7 PM-9 PM (5 meetings) 10/27, 11/3, 11/10, 11/17, 11/24
 . UW campus (Seattle)

Class 10.40 _____ ACCENTS AND DIALECTS


In this Seattle acting class, students will learn how to speak in a wide range of accents and dialects. You’ll learn French, German, Russian, high and low British, and more!  (You won’t learn the languages, but you’ll learn how to sound like you’re from those parts of the world.)  Note: This class is open to actors of all types and levels of experience (voice actors, stage actors, actors for the camera, and total beginners.)  

Drawing in 1, 2, and 3-Point Perspective


Whether you doodle and draw just for fun, or draw or paint professionally, knowledge of perspective can make your artwork look more realistic and three-dimensional. In this workshop you’ll learn the basics of one, two and three point perspective, and also learn about atmospheric perspective to enhance the realism in your drawings, paintings or doodles.  ➩ MORE INFORMATION ➩ SIGN UP NOW

  • Dates and times: 

    Sunday 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m., 
11/29 only (one meeting). UW campus (Seattle)

Cartooning 101


Looking for a fun, step-by-step introductory Seattle cartooning class?  In this enjoyable class, aimed at beginners, you’ll learn how to create your own cartoon characters and show them in action, even if you’ve never drawn before. You’ll learn how to draw cartoon faces and figures; how to draw human and animal characters & more. Take as a one-day or three-week class:


WordPress for Beginners


Looking for a Seattle WordPress class that starts at the beginning, and teaches you how to build your own website, step by step? Whether you’re a blogger or doing ecommerce, WordPress is a great way to go. This class will give you the tools to build your own fully functional website, using the popular WordPress platform.  ➩ MORE INFO ➩ SIGN UP NOW!

  • When and where:  

    Mondays, 7 p.m.-9:30 p.m. 
 (3 meetings) 10/26, 11/2, 11/9. UW campus (Seattle)

Photography 101


Looking for a Seattle photography class that covers all of the basics in an easy, understandable format? You’ll learn about:

  • lenses, lighting and composition
  • how to use your camera in manual and automatic mode
  • how to use key camera features to give you the results you’re looking for
  • how to shoot beautiful photos in natural light, and more
  • Photography  

    Sunday 11/8 only 10 a.m.-4 p.m. (one meeting) UW campus (Seattle)


Drawing and “Painting” in Oil Pastels


Imagine having a drawing tool that lets you “paint” in rich, beautiful colors as if you were making an oil painting — anytime, anywhere — with no mess, no solvent, and no brushes. Oil pastels are a mixture of oil, wax and vivid pigment in stick form that is portable and clean. Take a walk, take a hike, take a drive in the woods and take ‘em along.  Come join us in exploring this wonderful and versatile medium. 

  • Where and when: 

    Saturday 11/14 only, 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (1 meeting)
 UW campus (Seattle)


Certificates of Completion!


You can take classes just for fun, or earn Certificates of Completion in several subject areas.  (Working for a certificate is a great way to organize your studies in a given subject area.) We offer certificates of completion in:


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If you ever have difficulty finding or signing up for a class, please contact us.  We’ll be glad to help!

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Dozens of fun, affordable classes in Seattle!


More featured classes!



Dozens of fun, affordable classes in Seattle!


Let us know what you’re looking for!

We’d love to hear from you:  Who you are, what sorts of classes you’re searching for or interested in.  Feel free to drop us an email with any questions, thoughts or requests for new courses. See you in class!